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"God used my past to prepare me for my purpose. Through my journey of tests and trials, He was preparing me to help others triumph."
Today, he is a loving husband, protective father, doting grandfather, dedicated pastor, and an astute businessman. He is admired and respected by many for the way he lives and loves, but that hasn't always been the reputation of Michael Holmes. Before making the necessary spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental changes in his life, he was just another broken man who had grown up without God in his heart, without a father in his home, without a successful relationship to his credit, and without a clue of his divine purpose. 

Through a combination of experience and education, Michael Holmes--affectionately called "Pastor Michael"-- discovered his worth and while doing so, he also stumbled upon his passion . . . empowering and equipping others by helping them to develop their own self-esteem while giving solid direction on how to strengthen their personal relationships with God, their family, and their fellow man. This passion is the catalyst that ultimately led to his zeal to found Royalty Relationship Coaching.

Pastor Michael is also the founder of Royalty Ministries. He is an ordained minister and serves as pastor of Deliverance Revival Church alongside his wife. Earning his credentials through Light University, he is certified as a professional Christian life coach, specializing in personal relationships (singles, pre-marital, marriage, and divorce). He received his Doctor of Divinity degree from St. Thomas Christian University and is the father of three and the grandfather of eight.
"God has called and chosen me for such a time as this. All of the things I have gone through in life were for this moment. I am blessed to be a blessing.
Spiritual empowerment is a passion for Kendra Norman Holmes. As the daughter of two preachers, she grew up in a staunch Christian home and accepted Christ as her personal Savior at the tender age of twelve. Her sheltered upbringing, however, didn't guarantee her a trouble-free life. Kendra endured many trials and heartbreaks as she entered adulthood. In her twenties, she was left a grieving widow and a single mother of two toddlers after the death of her first husband. Her subsequent 15-year marriage ended leaving Kendra feeling disgusted, embarrassed, and horrified when the secret sins of her second husband were uncovered and exposed. 

But what the devil meant for evil, God worked for her good. And what was meant to kill her only made her that much stronger and equipped her for a greater kingdom call than she ever imagined.

Pastor Kendra is the founder of Royalty Publications. She is an 8-time national bestselling author, an ordained minister serving as Pastor of Deliverance Revival Church alongside her husband, and a student at Light University, pursuing credentials as a professional Christian life coach, specializing in personal relationships (marriage and women). She received her Doctor of Divinity degree from St. Thomas Christian University and is the mother of three and the grandmother of eight.
Dr. Michael Holmes
Pastor - Certified Life Coach - Counselor - Author
Dr. Kendra Norman Holmes
Pastor - Counselor - National Bestselling Author - Motivational Speaker